We Need Your Help



Florida Free PC (FFPC) program is in the business of helping people in our communities through the distribution and resale of your donations. That's right, 100 percent of what you give stays in the community to help enrich the lives of Florida residents. Not every program that solicits donations can make that promise. Some are run by for-profit organizations that solicit your donations under the name of a specific charity, but only a small percentage of the profits actually go to the charity. By donating usable merchandise to FFPC, you are giving others in our communities' the chance to succeed. Plus, we make it easy to donate. We have a convenient donation center with friendly team members to assist you with carefully unloading your donations. We welcome your tax-deductible donations. Besides giving someone a hand up, you'll walk away with a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Is FFPC a business or a charity?
We're a business that operates much as a charity. FFPC is a not for profit program extension of Techs N The City, part of the Marktronix Corporation. FFPC funds its mission and free service programs through revenues generated by its donated goods and contributions.  

What happens to my donated computer system?
First we erase and/or destroy any data or other personal information contained within the donated equipment. We will then repair, re-certify, update, distribute, and/or sell your donated computer.  

What happens to the stuff that is not distributed or sold?
Donations that are not repaired, recycled, distributed or sold are given to salvage companies who ship the material to third-world countries where jobs and wages are created through sorting and selling these items. FFPC provides a valuable recycling service to our community. We receive hundreds of donations every year and divert thousands of pounds of goods away from local landfills. 

Do you repair items I donate?
Yes. Every attempt will be made to return your donated computer into a viable product. 

Why does FFPC refuse to accept certain items?
We are unable to redistribute or resell certain items. With some items, we incur excessive costs to dispose of them per EPA-mandated guidelines or due to federal regulations. 

Will you pick up my donations?
Yes. Our Home Pickup service can be scheduled on a time that is mutually convenient. Just call us at 386-238-0093 to set up an appointment. (Click here to schedule pick-up)

Will my contribution stay in our area?
Yes. Contributions of goods and money made to FFPC support programs and services provided by FFPC, Techs N The City. 

How many people do you help a year?
In a 7 year period, July 2008 to present, more than 1000 have benefited from our service. This averages to about 140 systems provided per year.

Why do you charge for stuff you get for free?
We incur many expenses while collecting, repairing, re-certifying, and distributing donated goods. Revenues generated by our sales are used to offset these costs and fund the low cost and free computer services. 

Why do you have this program?
The FFPC program was established to fund current services at a deeper level and to guarantee future program services. The FFPC program attracts philanthropic dollars -- cash, stocks and bonds, charitable estate bequests and trusts, real estate and other planned gifts -- which come back to our community in the form of bigger and better social services.