Mission Statement


To provide free or low cost home computers to households and individuals in our local area who would not normally be able to afford one.


Florida Free PC (FFPC), a program developed by Techs N The City, a division of the Marktronix Corporation, is dedicated to eliminating the digital divide in Central Florida. We do this by refurbishing surplus computers, educating families and providing ongoing access and support to those who have received our computers. The experiences of FFPC over the past 7 years has demonstrated both the need for home computers in the community and the "reuse model" as a green way to meet the need.

In today's world, everyone needs access to computers and the Internet in order to join the new economy. Access to education, health care, government agencies, jobs, and other services are all currently offered through the Internet. Not having a home computer has stopped many from using the tools of the "information age." This disparity, along with the lack of resources in the communities, contributes to the "digital divide" that exits in Central Florida.

It is not enough to provide computers, although this is essential, FFPC provides education that is necessary for those who are getting their computers for the first time. Technical support is also necessary to keep these computers working properly so that the people of Central Florida can continue to learn and become a part of the "information age" and not be left behind.

Every child in school, person in the workplace, disabled person, retiree or just about everyone either needs or can benefit from the home computer.

Not everyone can afford the top of line, high priced retail computers used to function in today's high tech world. With this in mind, our organization, upgrades basic computers with cdroms, modems, speakers etc. and provides them to qualifying recipients either for free or at a greatly reduced price saving them hundreds of dollars.

The plan:

1. Raise money to provide free and low cost computers to qualified applicants.

2. Solicit local businesses for contributions.

3. Provide application forms for free or low cost computers and distribute these forms through contributors, associations and web based access.

4. Reward contributors with advertising and recognition by media press releases, campaigns, events and on promotional websites.

5. Use the money raised, donations received and any profit from selling low cost computers to provide free computers to qualified applicants.