Do You Qualify for a Free or Reduced Cost Computer?

To qualify you must meet at least one of the following:

Student   -   Senior   -   Veteran   -   Disabled   -   Handicapped

Fixed Income   -   Low Income   -   Un-employed

How does it work?

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You must submit a completed application to FFPC. The information collected in the application process is private and will not be shared with any other entity. Once reviewed and accepted, only "page one" of the application will be retained for program disbursement purposes. The remaining pages along with un-accepted applications will be destroyed.

Your application will then be reviewed, classified, and placed into our qualified candidates list in the order received. Upon receipt of the application a representative will review, access the determination,  and notify the applicant of the available options. The review process and applicant notification takes approximately three business days upon receipt of completed application.

At this time, there are limited number of free and reduced price computers available. FFPC has guaranteed that a minimum of one free and ten reduced price computers will be available each month till June 2016. Increased participation from sponsors and contributors will increase these numbers and extend this program further into the future.

There are no catches, contracts, gimmicks or tricks involved with this program. There is only the desire to provide a valuable asset to members of our community that will aid them in achieving their goals. FFPC, Techs N The City, will not profit directly from this program as any and all proceeds will be directed into the continuation of this service. FFPC, Techs N The City, will however benefit from area consumers that recognize our efforts and reward us with their patronage.

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