Answers and Definitions 


   What is FFPC?

   Our Mission:  To provide free or low cost home computers to households and individuals in our local area who would not normally be able to afford one.
FFPC (Florida Free PC) is a program developed by Techs N The City, a division of the Marktronix Corporation, dedicated to eliminating the digital divide in Central Florida. We do this by refurbishing surplus computers, educating families, and providing ongoing access and support to those who have received our computers.


   Are the computers you offer something I can really use or are they just some recycled junk?

   Each and every computer offered is systematically checked, repaired, and re-certified for use. They each have been erased of any former information then are re-installed with licensed and registered software. Each will have a Microsoft COA (Certificate of Authenticity) attached. All computers will have XP or greater operating systems and will function properly on the internet.


   So what's the catch..? How can you really give away a computer?

   There are no catches, contracts, gimmicks or tricks involved with this program. FFPC, Techs N The City, will not profit directly from this program as any and all proceeds will be directed into the continuation of this service. FFPC, Techs N The City, will however benefit from area consumers that recognize our efforts and reward us with their patronage.


   Is the information I provide protected?

  The information collected in the application process is private and will not be shared with any other entity. Once reviewed and accepted, only "page one" of the application will be retained for program disbursement purposes. The remaining pages along with un-accepted applications will be destroyed.   Click here for info...


   What is the difference between a low cost, reduced cost, and a free computer?

  Physically... none. For example: a Dell GX280 with XP Professional, 40GB storage, 1/2 Gigabyte RAM, CRT monitor, keyboard, and mouse that cost nearly $700 new. Depending on your level of qualification your cost would be as follows:

Reg. Cost: $199
Low Cost: $149
Reduced Cost: $79
Free: $0

Reg. Cost is the price that TNTC would sell this unit for with a mark-up to include overhead costs and profit margins.
Low Cost is the price that TNTC would sell this unit with no profit to a certain qualifying applicant.
Reduced Cost would be the price set on the unit after factoring in the donations of sponsors and contributors to a certain qualifying applicant.
Free is of course no charge to our most needy of applicants.


   What's involved in becoming a sponsor or contributor?

   Simple... Donate. Your cash or computer contributions are greatly needed. Help us to help the less fortunate in our community.

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